Christoph Brunner, Zurich // Montréal

In my research and exploration through different practices of writing and collaborating I am interested in the question of the collective. How can collectivity be more than linking people according to a shared need, opinion, or program, or outlining wider networks of human and non-human entities. What if collectivity is not something based on already constituted terms but itself operates as the very enabling field for emergence to happen. A pre-individual collective, non-identitarian, non-localized and yet effective. How is it possible to think the political based on such an incipient character of the collective and what kinds of techniques are we able to compose to actively experiment with such emergent modes of existence? Working and collaborating in various context and having lived in different places, I feel the need to seek out what a “life practice” might look like, where being in relation with things and thoughts before they bifurcate is the founding sensation of existence. I am particularly moved by moments of sharing a practice when the academic confinements background to enable other lines of engagement producing strong bonds of friendship, joy and the pleasure of collaborative experimentation. Working with the SenseLab in Montréal, being part of the editorial collective of Inflexions, experimenting with the Politiko Kafeneio colleagues in Zurich, spending hours at Corner College or co-writing with friends and colleagues are crucial for the kinds of ethics and aesthetics my work takes most interest in.

If there is an interest in what I am doing on a more institutional level: I am currently working at Zurich University of the Arts in the Art & Media department as researcher and recently competed my PhD at Concordia University in Montreal. For more detailed information, my CV.